Where It All Began…


It was December 2013, I was sat in my room writing my new years resolutions and decided enough was enough.

I had moved back in with my parents straight from uni in June 2011, to a completely new area and got myself a job working as a receptionist in a busy doctors surgery. The hours were long and the job satisfaction was non-existent. I was lonely, struggling to make friends and meet new people and my boyfriend lived a 3 hour train journey away. I turned to food for comfort and whilst it helped me cope in the short term, my family noticed I had gone from being confident and outgoing to a shy, anxious girl who came home from work in the evening, went to her room and didn’t come out.

This carried on for a while and by December 2013 I was two and a half stone heavier, anxious all the time and desperately lonely. Sat there in my room, something snapped and I decided that I didn’t want to be this unhappy, anxious person anymore, I wanted to feel like me again and that’s when I decided to make 2014 the year I got healthier and happier.

Losing weight was never what it was about, I almost didn’t recognize myself – I didn’t like the way I was comfort eating to make myself feel better. I wanted to find a way of getting that happy feeling back.

I decided to cut out the junk food and to fuel my body with food that was filling, nutritious and tasted good. I still allowed myself “naughty” food when I fancied it and this helped keep me on track. Once I’d started eating better, I got up one cold Sunday in January and, too embarrassed to go to the gym went for a run along a reservoir near where I lived.

I only ran a mile and to be honest I walked most of it, but I couldn’t believe how happy I felt afterwards. I was instantly hooked and slowly but surely I started to increase the amount of time I was running for and I soon found I was able to run a mile without stopping.

I saw an advert for a 5k charity run in March and signed up. The run gave me the focus I needed to really concentrate on eating well and going out for runs. When March rolled around and I completed my first 5k in just over 30 minutes I was on cloud 9.

Having started a new job, I had started to make some great friends – they went to the local gym and encouraged me to join and come with them. I started going to classes as well as running regularly and found that the gym wasn’t as intimidating as I thought, but a place where I felt encouraged and supported by the people around me.

Fast forward to today and I couldn’t imagine not having fitness in my life, I’ve gone from hating exercise to actually looking forward to my next workout. I can now run 10k and I’m getting stronger and fitter each workout I do. I’m not perfect and I’m only human so somedays I just want a burger & you know what? I allow myself to eat it and enjoy every minute because what’s life without a little treat now and then?

I thought this post would be a good introduction to my blog and I hope you will continue on this journey with me into the exciting world of fitness!



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