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September Favourites…


I feel like this year has flown by, September in particular! I love reading monthly favourites posts and I thought that each month I’d share the things that I have been loving. I will try and include at least one food and fitness item each month & sometimes there may be a few random bits thrown in too. Without further ado – let’s get stuck in!

Marks and Spencer’s Chamomile, Lime flower and Lavender Tea.


I love tea, I’m more into herbal blends but I do love a good cup of English Breakfast to wake me up in the morning. At night I find that my brain goes into overdrive and I find it hard to wind down. I’ve started drinking this because I’d read somewhere that chamomile and lavender are good for relaxation. I love the taste, you can really taste the lavender but it’s not overpoweringly flowery like you might expect, the chamomile compliments it nicely too.



I’ve recently started working out at home as I injured my feet whilst training for a charity walk. I find it easier to tailor my workouts at home so I don’t put too much pressure on my feet. To go with my workouts I’ve been creating my own workout playlists on Spotify. I have one for each type of workout, be it Pilates, body combat, HIIT or, for when my feet are better a running playlist that matches the tempo of my run. I currently pay for the premium version of Spotify, I like this version as you can set your playlists to play in offline mode – so when I go for long runs and have no internet connection I can listen to my music with no interruptions. With the premium version you don’t have to listen to annoying adverts too.

Tyrell’s Sweet and Salty Poshcorn


I think this will always be a reoccurring monthly favourite for me, when I first started changing my diet I wanted to find a snack that was satisfying but lower in calories. I tried Tyrell’s Poshcorn and haven’t looked back! The combination of sweet and salt is so satisfying and you get quite a lot of popcorn in a single 23g serving, each serving only contains 119 calories, so this is a perfect guilt free yummy snack!

USA Pro Leggings


When I work out, I need to be comfy – there’s nothing worse than a pair of leggings that are too tight or worse still, fall down at every given opportunity. For me, these leggings are the holy grail! They fit well, wick sweat away quickly and have a wide waistband so offer a bit of support to the tummy. They also have little reflective flowers on the back of the legs which, although are not amazing, offer a bit of light reflection if you’re training in the dark and need to be seen. They have so many different designs, I also have a pair with a leopard waistband, a Smoke design pair and these flowery bad boys. Sports direct always has them on offer so I never pay full price – win win in my book!! If you are interested, you can check them out here.

So those are the things I have been loving in September. I hope you enjoyed this post! What about you guys? Any recommendations for things I need to check out in October?



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