My Night Time Routine.


I mentioned briefly in my post where it all began that I am an anxious person. I tend to find evenings especially difficult, I will often go to bed and my mind will be whirring constantly and I find it really difficult to switch off and calm down.

To combat this a few months ago I started to get together a nightly routine to help reduce my stress levels and relax me. It has been a great success & I thought I’d share what I do to de-stress and unwind each evening.

The first thing I do once I’ve cooked dinner and done a spot of house work is run a bath. I love baths and find that the warm water is an instant soother. I’ll pop a bit of stress release bubble bath in too so I have lots of lovely smelling bubbles! Then I’ll grab my current book and settle down to read whilst soaking away in the tub.



Once I’m out of the bath, I’ll pop the kettle on and make myself a cup of tea, I try and make sure I have as little caffeine as possible so it doesn’t make me even more jittery. I always have a herbal caffeine-free tea such as peppermint or the chamomile, lime flower and lavender one I mentioned in my September favourites post.


Then I’ll snuggle down in my dressing gown and my cup of tea and watch a bit of TV with my boyfriend. As soon as I get sleepy I go to bed, put my bedside lamp on and will sit and read my book for half an hour.


By the time I’ve done this I’m usually so sleepy I fall asleep without much trouble!

So that’s what I do to relax in the evening, what do you do to wind down?



16 thoughts on “My Night Time Routine.

  1. I am not great at keeping to nighttime routine but I always try to have some herbal tea and have a read chat or sing once in bed for 10 mins or so:)


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