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Getting My Gym Motivation back


About 5 weeks ago myself and my boyfriend were on a 20 mile walk, training for an upcoming Charity event. It was a beautiful day and we completed the walk in about 7 hours. We were feeling proud and excited for our upcoming challenge.

We got home and as I went to get out of the car I suddenly felt a colossal pain in both my feet, radiating from my ankles all the way round to the front of the foot. I hobbled into the house and got the ice packs out. In my head I thought “Oh this must be normal, It’s just a bit of an ache – it’ll go in a few days.”

Long story short, it didn’t. Four days later I was hobbling around like an old lady and couldn’t bear to put weight on my feet, I ended up going to the doctors where I was told I had tendonitis in both feet and I needed to rest as much as possible. I was told that it would be impossible for me to do the 30 mile Charity walk we had been training so hard for. I was gutted, I felt like I’d let both the charity and my boyfriend down and I felt like a complete failure. In the end my amazing boyfriend did the 30 miles all by himself. I was so proud but felt so awful I couldn’t do it with him.

As you can tell from my previous posts, I am a very active person – I workout about 5 times a week and to be told I couldn’t do anything was very frustrating. I waited three weeks and a fortnight ago I started to ease myself back in to exercise.

I couldn’t believe how much my general conditioning had been affected by three weeks of no exercise, I was bloated, lacking in energy and had been walking around in a foul mood for the best part of a month. I started off slowly, doing pilates and low impact exercise routines at home and found I really struggled. My feet didn’t hurt so much, I just couldn’t do as much as I was used to.

My feet stopped hurting last week and I went back to the gym. I decided just to do three workouts last week – I wanted to give my body plenty of time to rest in between. I went back to 20,20,20 on Monday (which is 20 mins of cardio, 20 mins of weights & 20 mins of abs) and although I found it tough, I came out feeling really good and like I’m finally getting back on track. Wednesday was a low impact cardio routine and Friday I did a weights workout.

Next week I’m hoping to increase my workouts to 4 and I’m hoping that my motivation is going to come back the more I go. I can’t help but feel frustrated and like I’ve taken 5 steps back but I know coming back from an injury is tough and I’m lucky that it hasn’t been more serious. I’m hoping that if it gets too tough I can try a class such as spinning as it’s lower impact on the feet, or do an upper body weights circuit.

These past weeks have been tough, but if it’s made me realise one important thing it’s this: Exercise makes me happy and I am miserable without it.



4 thoughts on “Getting My Gym Motivation back

    1. Thank you, I hope so! I completely agree with you – I’m just trying not to get frustrated with myself at the moment and keep trying to remember that things are going to be more of a challenge until I’m recovered xx


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