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MyProtein Review


Since upping my workouts and introducing strength training into my routine I’ve been trying to add more protein into my diet. I was talking to a friend who also weight trains regularly and I mentioned I had been wanting to find a good protein powder but all the ones I’d tried tasted horrible and had a weird grainy/gritty texture. She told me she had been using Myprotein whey and she said it was really tasty and good value.

I had a look on the Myprotein Website and decided to try their Impact Whey Protein as I’m trying to build muscle and get stronger. It contains 20g of protein per serving, is lower in calories than others I had seen and is also low sugar, something I thought was really good.

One 25g scoop contains (on average):

  • 20g of protein
  • Provides all the essential amino acids
  •  104kcal
  • 1.3g of sugars

Another thing that I liked was that there are so many different flavours to chose from, which range from the usual chocolate to the more exotic apple crumble and custard!

I decided to go for the chocolate mint flavour as chocolate mint chocolate bars are my all time favourites. I purchased a 1kg bag which comes with a scoop for £15.79 and a matching shaker for £1.99. Standard delivery was £1.99 but I noticed you could get next day delivery from Yodel for £3.95 so decided to go for that. My delivery came the next day with no problems so I was very happy with the service.



I’ve been mixing the powder in with around 200ml of milk after my workouts, I’ve also tried mixing with water and this works well too. The shaker I bought comes with a little wire mixing ball which ensures I don’t get any lumps (shudder). As for the taste? i’m one very happy girl! Especially when mixed with milk this is the nicest tasting protein powder I have come across, it’s smooth and creamy and tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. It doesn’t have that gritty texture like some other protein powders I’ve tried.


I originally bought the 1kg bag as a test to see if I’d like it and I can honestly say i think I’ve found the perfect protein powder for me. Looking at the Myprotein website I’ve also noticed they sell so many other things,  from snacks, to pasta even clothing! I think I’m going to try out their protein pancakes next!



8 thoughts on “MyProtein Review

  1. I like the Myprotein options as well. I love how many different flavours you can get so there is something suitable for everyone. The mint chocolate sounds flavour sounds so yummy! Li 🙂


  2. 100% try the pancakes, I didn’t like pancakes full stop until I tried the MyProtein ones… I’m going onto my third bag of Golden Syrup and I don’t see myself stopping soon, it’s the perfect macro friendly meal that feels like a treat! (If I had one recommendation though it’s not to bother with the pasta, the texture was the oddest thing I’ve ever tried in my life….)



    1. I’m going to order some the next time I need to stock up on protein powder! They sound like the perfect treat! I will remember not to bother with pasta – I don’t like things with weird textures so thank you for the advice! 🙂 xx


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