My Favourite Health & Fitness Magazines


Womens Health

When I first started incorporating health and fitness into my life I turned to health and fitness magazines to give me inspiration and guidance. I’d read any magazine I could get hold of and over the past two years I’ve developed quite a collection!

Every month there are five magazines I always look out for and I thought I’d share with you why I love them so much and what keeps me going back month after month:

Food Magazines

Good Food Magazine


I love  cooking, I like to make as many different dishes as possible and this magazine is my go to for inspiration. It’s packed full of recipes and offers healthy recipe ideas as well as indulgent ideas for special occasions. I always find something interesting to cook and I find the recipes aren’t repeated over and over.

Healthy Food


As the title suggests this magazine offers lots of recipes that give you breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas which are all healthy and good for you. When I first overhauled my diet I found this magazine super helpful as it offered food options that I hadn’t thought of as well as offering practical eating advice. I learnt a lot about healthy eating from this magazine and I still like to read it for the recipe ideas.

Fitness & Health Magazines

Women’s Fitness, Fit & Well & Womens Health Magazine

P1010275 P1010276


Three very similar magazines but all three offering a different take on health and wellbeing. Women’s Fitness magazine is really good for workout ideas, they always include lots of different workouts that you can try at home or at the gym. Fit & Well is great for practical health information and always has really yummy recipe ideas and Women’s health offers a mix of recipes, lifestyle, fashion and fitness trends. I find I enjoy reading Women’s health the most as it’s written in a really great way, with lots of pictures too!

So those are the health and fitness magazines I’ve been loving lately, I’m always looking for new things to read so let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations – I’d love to hear them!



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