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Last minute Gift guide

Last minute Gift guide
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With Christmas fast approaching, this weekend marks the last weekend where we can get our Christmas shopping before the big day! Due to being ill and then looking after a very poorly boyfriend for most of the month I’ve neglected my Christmas shopping (I’m usually all set mid November!). I will be rushing round like a woman possessed this weekend but I thought I’d put together a last minute Christmas gift guide if you, like me have not been so great at the shopping and you have a fitness fan in your life you’d like to buy for.
1) Gym Tote – £50.00 (on sale!)
In one of my last posts I mentioned I was on the hunt for a new gym bag and recently this exact gym tote found it’s way into my life. With plenty of secret compartments to put your trainers, gym kit, water bottle and your daily essentials this bag is perfect for going from office to gym! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but my initial thoughts are very positive! oh and £50.00 is an absolute steal as these bags go for £100+ normally!
2) Sweaty Betty Free Dive Swimsuit – £37.00 (Also on Sale!)
Sweaty Betty are one of my favourite brands when it comes to swimwear, but they are so darn expensive! I was very pleased to see this lovely all in one swimsuit come on sale! It has a high neck with lovely orange straps that add a pop of colour, this swimsuit is both pretty and practical!
3) Bluebird Tea Co Cold Brew Tea bottle – £22.00
I love tea and I know many of my friends are big tea fans too! This would make a cool gift for the tea aficionado in your life. you can cold brew your favourite lose leaf tea in the fridge over night and in the morning you will have lovely fresh cold brew tea! I’m thinking about getting one of these as i love my tea and I think it will help up my hydration!
4)Misfit Shine – £57.99
Activity trackers are everywhere these days and the misfit shine would make a great gift for the fashion conscious fitness fan as it’s not only waterproof and accurate – it’s absolutely beautiful to boot!
5)Gymshark Flex Leggings – £24.99
If you know a girl who loves to look good whilst she’s working out but also wants decent quality workout wear then these Gymshark leggings are perfect! I love the waistband and the accents on the ankles. The fact that they are made from sweat wicking material and provide extra levels of support mean these are a staple in my workout wear collection.
6) Daily Greatness Training Journal – £34.95
These journals look amazing for goal setting and helping you keep track of your training progress. Although pricey, these journals look luxurious and are choc full of motivational quotes and features which help you set goals and hold yourself accountable. This would be a great gift for a girl who loves giving themselves goals and wants to measure their success.
7) Lean In 15, Joe Wicks – £7.99
I’m always on the look out for cookbooks that will give me ideas on food to fuel my workouts and I can’t wait for Joe’s book to be released. Currently on offer for £7.99 this isn’t actually released until the 28th December, so won’t be available in time for Christmas but If you fancy a cheeky treat for after Christmas this could help kick start a healthy eating plan in the new year.
I hope you’ve found this gift guide useful, if you have a fitness fanatic in your life hopefully iI’ve given you some inspiration for when you are running, supermarket sweep style, around your local shopping centre this weekend!


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