I’ve Got A Cup Of Tea For That…

As you know, I love a cup of tea – I have a cupboard in my kitchen crammed full of different infusions. It’s getting a bit ridiculous – the amount of times I open that cupboard and boxes of tea rain down on me!

I think a cup of tea can help fix a lot of things, be that emotionally or physically. I have a tea that suits most moods or can help me get back on track when I’m feeling under the weather. Today I thought I’d share the five I seem to reach for the most.

  1. If my tummy is giving me trouble – Taylors of Harrogate Peppermint Leaf.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a firm favourite of mine, even when my tummy isn’t playing up I’ll happily sip on a cup of this. I find peppermint tea really refreshing and I will even drink this over ice on a hot summers day. Peppermint tea is good for digestion and is traditionally recommended after a meal. It’s also good to help calm queasiness, so if I’m ever feeling sick then I will reach for a cup of this.

2.  When my anxiety is getting the better of me – Marks & Spencer Calming Infusion (similar here) Relax tea

Although my anxiety is much less of a problem these days, there are some when it just gets the better of me. I try to help manage my anxiety as naturally as possible and I find exercising really helps, when I can’t get to the gym I will have a cup of this as the combination of camomile, lime flowers & lavender act as a natural relaxant. the combination of flavours is lovely too, you can taste the lavender but it’s not overpowering.

3. For the mornings when I can’t wake up – Pukka Supreme Matcha Green

Matcha tea

I have previously reviewed this lovely green tea (you can read that post here). I don’t enjoy plain green tea, but in the mornings I like the natural caffeine boost. Pukka supreme matcha green offers me a much needed morning kick and provides me with all the health benefits of green tea. The matcha adds a nice hint of sweetness so you don’t get the bitter taste that you get from plain green tea.

4. When I need help sleeping – Clipper Snore and Peace  

Snore & Peace

I like to wind down in the evening with a cup of tea and a good book. I used to drink my calming blend before bed but I’ve recently discovered Clipper Snore & Peace. It’s a very similar blend to the Marks & Spencer calming infusion but this has the addition of lemon balm. I always feel calm and relaxed after drinking this and with the help from my book I find I can settle down and sleep comes quickly.

5. For the days I don’t want caffeine – Clipper Decaf Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Decaf

As I mentioned above I like to get the health benefits from drinking green tea but sometimes I don’t want the caffeine hit that comes with it. This is where I will reach for my Clipper decaf Jasmine green tea. The jasmine flower adds a lovely floral element to the tea and I always feel refreshed and that little bit healthier after drinking it.

I will always be a tea lover and will always be on the lookout for new blends or flavours that I can add into my daily routine. Let me know what infusions you enjoy – I always love to add to my tea cupboard!



5 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Cup Of Tea For That…

  1. I am a huge fan of tea too, so I am loving this post!:D I especially love infused tea when I want to be really healthy. I am obsessed with all of Marks and Spencers range, especially the camomile one you have here. But now I have to try the others that you’ve recommended as they look delicious. I hope you had a wonderful new year too.:)

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